Ringo.com made online photo sharing easier, but has now closed.

Note: Ringo.com is no longer a working website. Below is information about the previous content of Ringo.com:

Ringo - Photo Sharing Made Easy

Sharing photo galleries online is one of the latest Internet hypes, and Ringo.com makes the most out of it by allowing anyone to quickly and easily upload their pictures. Ringo is free to use and you can create a member’s account in minutes, so that the fun can start right away. However, Ringo is much more than a place where you can place your photos online – it is a social networking website where you can also connect with old friends and make new ones.

Easy online photo sharing

Not long ago, when you wanted to share your vacation photos with friends, you had to attach them to emails and send them out this way. Today, this old fashioned way of sharing your coolest photos is replaced by the automatic software that is the engine behind Ringo and any other similar photo-sharing websites. You don’t need any special programming knowledge in order to set up your online photo gallery – it’s all done automatically for you. This means that you can have a very professional looking presentation of your photos, for free and without wasting any time with computer scripts.

Photo tags

Ringo is in fact a photo-oriented version of the popular MySpace or Hi5 websites. While posting your vacation photos or artistic creations on Ringo is part of the fun, you can also meet new people through their photo galleries. Each of the photos you upload can have certain tags, which are basically keywords people can use to find your pictures. A photo of you on a sailboat in Greece may have tags like “sailboat, sea, Greece, vacation”. This is a great way of generating more exposure for your uploaded photos.

Creating a group of friends on Ringo

You can also use another Ringo feature and find friends by their full name or email address. If you are looking for an old friend and you don’t have his or her email or other contact details, try a full-name search on Ringo, maybe they have a gallery posted and you will be able to get in touch and see what they’ve been up to. This feature gives Ringo the characteristics of a social networking site. You can also invite friends to join Ringo or to visit your photo gallery straight from the website – of course, the more friends you have the more interesting your profile gets to other visitors.

International connections
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Ringo is available in English, Spanish, French and German, so your options to connect with new friends are not limited to a single geographic area. In fact, you will find Ringo members from all over the world, a fact which also turns this website into a veritable cultural experience.

How come all this is free?

Ringo is free because it uses advertisements and banner ads to pay for their bandwidth, equipment and staff. Although most users don’t find them intrusive, you will get the occasional pop-up while browsing Ringo. On the other hand, however, the ads themselves are pretty well targeted so they are very likely to be interesting for you while you are using the website’s features.


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