RicePullar.com is Company buy Functional Toys & curio Items.

Fake Site for fools. This fellow is trying make money by fooling people. There is nothing in the world called rice pullar and whicn can not be understood by science.

Nonsense person, nonsense site. This person wants to make easy money and vanish.


RP / Rice Puller .>. We BUY Rice Pullers & Rice Repellers (Rice Throwers) (Rice Pulling Items & Rice Throwing Items).


Excerpted from the website description:

We buy Rice Pullers, Rice Toucher, Rice Repellers (Rice Thrower), Rice Pulling Items, Clove Puller, Clove Toucher, Flame Bender, items which burn (ignite) match sticks & also those items performing just the Torch Test. Any item which attracts rice like a magnet is called a Rice Puller (RP).

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