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The roots of our web-based tech network, Revision3, started in San Francisco during our days with the international television network, TechTV. Our first experiences with this type of programming was a computer hacking web show called thebroken. Over the first year, thebroken received well over 2 million downloads, setting a trend for the viability of short, downloadable how-to and tech-based content. Fast-forward two years, when the lack of technology television programming and the loss of TechTV has re-inspired us to rejoin forces to do this on our own. Our mission is to deliver reliable, consistent, professional and fun tech content for Internet and TV distribution.

Systm is a downloadable how-to technology show geared towards teaching the common geek, such as ourselves, various hot topics and projects. Each episode focuses on one subject and is between 10-15 minutes in length.

thebroken is a downloadable computer hacking show geared toward anyone interested in learning more about computer security. Each episode focuses on several subjects and is between 20-30 minutes in length. If it's shady, underground... or borderline illegal, it's thebroken.

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