A Natural Progesterone Cream by Resonance Direct


As 6 women who had used natural progesterone cream for years, we wanted a greaseless, highly absorbable cream that left no residue and was made from all natural ingredients. One quarter teaspoon of Resonance™ contains 20 mg of micronized natural progesterone USP as recommended by Dr. John Lee.

is fragrance free. We chose not to include any phyto-estrogens (e.g. black cohosh, dong quai or other herbs) until research is conclusive that they can be safely used by women who have had breast cancer. We added homeopathically prepared flower essences of dandelion, chamomile, and walnut to support and restore balance on a more intuitive level.

Our cream was formulated exclusively for us and is made by Sarati International, Inc., one of the industry's most highly regarded progesterone cream manufacturers. You'll find Sarati listed in the resource section of most books about natural progesterone.

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