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The Vigin Mary visits the candy shop...but that's nothing- the Pastafarians have their very own miracle, with the first recorded appearance of the Flying Spagehetti Monster...

German prosecutors plan to monitor pop star Madonna to insure she doesn't 'insult religious beliefs' by repeating her crucifixion routine. I don't know who ought to be more embarassed- Madonna hopping on a twinkly cross with a straight face, or German officials for having nothing better to do than insure Catholics aren't annoyed by it.

The ugly Jesus print that a West Virginia school officials were planning to spend thousands of dollars to keep pinned to the walls of a local High School? Seems a burgler with more common sense than they've got has solved the problem for everyone. And for that, they want to put him in jail- when the real crime is Christians raising over a hundred thousand dollars to defend a POSTER while children go hungry in their very own state. All is not lost, however- I'm sure some enterprising soul will buy the school a brand new

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