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Affordable Computer Repair Services Southern New Jersey


Reket Networks is a medium sized team of young people. All members of the team have an extensive background in working with all major aspects of IT. For most of us computers first had been a form of an entertainment. We had all started with playing computer games and our “love” towards gaming has introduced us to the wide world of IT. Later on we have moved from computer enthusiasts to students in different fields of IT. Soon after that we have all realized that IT would be our field of professional interest. All of the team members are either currently studying, or graduates with degrees in different aspects of IT. All of our team members have years of professional experience and are competent in more than one area of IT. Our flexible team and our unique customer approach allows us to perform friendly and personalized services. We would like to understand the nature of your problem and we will do our best to solve it with the minimal amount of capital from you or your company. We will never says “No!” or "We can't".

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