RegisterFlyImpactRegistry had big problems for a long time but it finally melted down completely in February/March, 2007. As a result many websites have become unreachable (their DNS names "unresolvable"). If you are receiving mysterious messages from Firefox to the effect that it "can't find the server at" then it may be the case that the name you're browsing to was registered at

This page is a registry of domain names that were registered at and either were or are still unresolvable via DNS. If you are the frustrated owner of such a domain please add or update your records below. If you are a user, you may use this page to look up the new (replacement) domain name.

Disclaimer and Risks - While is organized to provide some editorial of criminal or destructive content, this page is not particularly secure. We rely on our readership to flag (and fix!) incorrect or malicious content, nevertheless, just about anyone can edit this page to create a "from"/"to" record - so as always use your Spidey-sense in navigating to new domains. Here's a pertinent discussion of why you might not want to list your domain here: essentially it could give cybersquatters a nice organized list of victims.

On the other hand, as is so often the case when many (domain holders and their customers) are adversely affected by the choices of a very few in power (RegisterFly and the potential cybersquatters) -- change may very well be contingent on the many (this means you) taking on some individual risk in order to change the balance of power.

Instructions for the bold - Please do not delete rows in the table. The table is structured so that you can update it when your old domain becomes resolvable again (cross fingers). We'd like to keep the records along with the dates in place long-term. Who knows, maybe this information will help someone someday. Put a dash '-' in any field that does not apply. Please use (intra-wiki) links for domain names (rather than bare domain names or regular (external) hyperlinks). Please insert your record in alphabetical order based on the original domain name. Also, you may want to refer to this page from your old and new domain pages here at Lastly, if you'd like your edits to this page tied to an authenticated user id you may create a free account and sign in. Once you've signed in, all your edits will be tracked on the history page: [1]

See the weblog post that kicked this off.

And things are mostly all better now.

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Replacement Domains Necessitated by RegisterFly Meltdown
old domain not resolvable since resolvable since new domain resolvable since not resolvable since March 11, 2007 July 1, 2007 March 15, 2007 -

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