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The Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network located in Livermore Califronia And Medford Oregon was established in 1998. Since then we have grown to become the #1 source for do it yourself bathtub refinishing and repair products in the USA. Developed by professional bathtub refinishing professionals, we provide consumers a central location for finding quality bathtub refinishing companies and easy to use do-it yourself resurfacing products and paint. Free shipping nationwide!

With over 55,000 satisfied customers throughout the USA, we have always strived to offer the very best products in the industry. Every product offered has been thoroughly tested by our team of dedicated refinishing specialists so you receive a durable. long lasting and easy to use product.

We have taken the guess work out of your next bath or kitchen remodeling job. Now you can repair that damaged fiberglass bathtub and shower, refinish that ugly porcelain or steel bathtub, paint that out dated wall or ceramic floor tile, recolor your countertops or cultured marble vanities and repair your chipped sink with ease.

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Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network
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