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We can replace your Tub to a Shower

REDO-BATH can install a comfortable walk-in shower where your old tub used to be. More and more folks are enjoying a shower in a large, comfortable, easily accessible shower.

Customize your shower with features such as a seat, hand held shower, spacious shampoo caddy, grab bar, body sprays, foot rest and a beautiful shower door.

Your goal for Redoing bathroom is to invest approximately the amount that it'll add to the value of your home if you are reselling your home - even if the point isn't to sell your house.

Ultimately, you want to get recouped for twice the amount you spent on the bathroom. In order to determine how much a remodeled bathroom is worth, you'll need to look at the real estate market in your area and most likely talk to an agent.

Showers rooms / Shower Enclaves are much safer for the users of all ages to enter. No more tub ledge to trip over. No more slipping trying to get out of the tub. A grab bar for support gives added safety. A seat allows greater comfort and makes shaving much safer and easier on the back.

WALK-IN SHOWERS No More Leaking Shower Bases.

REDO-BATH shower panels and bases are custom built to suit you with the combination of shower panels. Our design engineers/consultants will guide you through and get more ideas from you at first meet and install any size and shape shower cabins and match to your best comfort.

WHIRLPOOL TUBS Relaxing in a jetted whirlpool tub. REDO-BATH can replace your existing tub with a custom whirlpool tub. You can have whirlpool with custom jets, mood lighting, an in-line heater, air bath, neck jets and pillows and much more.

REDO-BATH Reglazing Tile Cleaning and Polishing

REDO-BATH understands the dirt on the tiles better than anyone. We know how such dirt can be removed in a quick session. It is all about a half a day job for our REDO team to complete.

The Tiles are polished with the special liquid to give a long lasting glazing effect. Contact REDO-BATH Consultant to get free estimate.

Four key things to know..

1. Water serves as a catalyst for a peeling reaction.

2. The smallest gap between the drain flange and the beginning of the porcelain will start a peeling reaction. NOTE: It is impossible to mask the drain perfectly and consistently every time.

3. The drain is the most vulnerable part of the bathtub because of water flow activity.

4. Any object that falls in the tub, i.e., razors, shampoo bottles, hair brush, can cause chips or cracks and starts a peeling.

The cost of the Remodeling of your bathroom is estimated by our consultant visiting your home and counseling to get the best of our budget. We have too many options to offer you. As we are tied up with various companies in India and abroad, we have various designs of fittings and fixtures of the bathroom. For more details please fill in the Free Estimate Form.

Redoing Bath involves the following list of items Bathroom Sinks / Sink Materials Remodeling a Small Bathroom Bathroom Lights Bathroom Walls Bathroom Tubs Bathroom Hardware Bathroom Remodeling Cost Bathroom Faucets Bathroom Flooring Bathroom Shower Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops Bathroom Vanity/Dressing Table installation Leak Proofing

We Provide Leak Proofing service to your Bathroom:

We use reputed and the best quality products available in the market to deal with Leakages and seepages in your bathroom. Our water proofing professionals will solve your problems in given time over a site visit at a nominal price.

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