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Malaysia Property Classifieds, is an online portal and search engine that list Malaysia property for sale or for rent. Listing is free for all registered users and registered users can post as many listing as they like. One of the unique features of the site is the search engine that allow search of property by key words. With broadband becoming common and affordable in Malaysia, internet advertising and marketing is becoming more and more popular. Listing of property over the internet offer various advantages. Firstly user can list for a much longer period and user can also post multiple listings and best of all, listing at is free. Secondly the posting remain in the web site database for a long time and which mean that the property for sale or for rent is exposed for longer time frame and this increase the chance of it being noticed by potential buyer. Moreover our comprehensive search method allow potential buyer to search for the property of their dream by various criteria. Searching is much easier as the search engine filters out all the non relevant ads. Another advantage of internet listing of property is that the advertising is worldwide rather than localised. Real estate and property agents are also welcomed to list their clients’ property and indeed, can be a common database or platform for all sellers and buyers where they can meet for a successful transaction. At, users can list their contact telephone numbers as well as their email address so that potential buyer can contact them directly when the buyer sees a property that meet his criteria.

We also have a real estate forum web site where users can exchange opinion or share experience for issues or matters pertaining Malaysia property. If you need to know more about certain aspect of real estate, just post a question and subscribe to the reply on that particular thread you have posted, any reply from any user will immediately be make known to you through a notification email.

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