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Atrium Staffing was founded in 1995 by Rebecca Cenni. Rebecca was introduced to the industry while working as a recruiter for a national staffing firm in New York City. She witnessed an environment where empty promises were the norm and applicants’ goals and aspirations were never truly realized.

Rebecca recognized that a staffing firm could be more successful by meeting the needs of both the applicant and the client. To achieve this, her idea was to strengthen the bond between counselor and applicant. She implemented a thorough pre-qualifying process that resulted in Atrium counselors being able to spend a considerable amount of face time getting to know the right candidates (candidates most likely to be a good match for Atrium’s clients). Atrium interviews became an opportunity for applicants to go through a work experience review in a behavioral-based format, as well as a time for counselors to get to know the short and long-term goals of the applicant including their interests, hobbies and personalities. This was later named the Applicant-Centric™ Philosophy. To read the details of the philosophy, click here.

Atrium Associates gained a reputation as being motivated, enthusiastic and productive employees, and our business blossomed. We quickly outgrew our first two offices in the Graybar building and in 2001; Atrium acquired Integro Staffing of New Jersey. In addition to Office Support and Finance placements, Integro also had nearly twenty years experience in the Scientific community, a new area of business for Atrium.

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