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Pulau Redang, Malaysia, offers some of the best diving & snorkelling in this part of the world with its rich marine life, sandy beaches & clear waters. We hope you find this guide educational & helpful in planning your trip while learning to care for the marine environment by being responsible visitors.

After 3 weeks, the Sipadan 2006 diary has finally been completed. With so many pictures to share, I've split the Gallery section so that there is now a dedicated Sipadan gallery page.

Recently, I happened to observe this website on a non-Cleartype display and found it didn't look very readable. For those of you using Windows XP PCs with LCD monitors, turn on Cleartype to make text look a lot crisper and more readable. Cleartype only works with LCD monitors. To turn on Cleartype, right-click on the desktop and choose Properties to show the Display Properties dialog. Go to the 'Appearance' tab and click the 'Effects' button. Check the box that says 'Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts' and select 'Cleartype' as the method.

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