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Rare Breeds Canada is a federally registered charitable organization formed in 1987 dedicated to conserving, evaluating and studying heritage, rare and minor breeds of Canadian farm animals. We believe this can be best achieved by maintaining viable breeding groups and preserving the genetics of these rare and endangered breeds.

So many of the breeds that played a vital part in feeding Canadians in the past are now in danger of extinction. All these breeds have had a part in Canada's agricultural history and have qualities that may be invaluable in the future. Today's commercial farming methods of extreme intensification and specialization have put much at risk by creating a dangerous dependency on a narrow genetic base.

We favour the heritage breeds for their valuable traits of disease resistance, birthing ease, good milk production, superior mothering abilities, ability to thrive on poor pastures and for their nature of survival independent of mankind. Many have superior taste, and all add beauty to the farm. They are ideally suited to organic and sustainable agriculture approaches such as rotational grazing and natural, outdoor livestock housing, and complement small homestead settings. They can be equally successful commercially when niche markets are developed.

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