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Rapidshare is the best among all the file hosting sites till date. Keeping in view that the web users have to go through a tedious process to send files as an attachment in emails and with some service providers not providing the option of sending large files, the idea of file uploading came into existence. Established in May, 2002 Rapidshare has nearly 84 sites which link to it and stores files on Rapidshare servers. The servers are located in Switzerland. Due to overwhelming response to the service, the problem of server overload started creeping in. So Rapidshare decided to start another subsidiary company by name Rapidshare.de.

Features and Content

The users of Rapidshare can basically be split into two categories- users with free account and users with Premium account. The users with a free account can download files but has many restrictions. Firstly, they cannot download files exceeding 10 MB at a time. They have to wait nearly 30 seconds to download a 10 MB file, although for files less than 500 KB one doesn’t require to that long. If the free users reach the 10 MB limit they have to wait for another hour and they will be able to download the files again. There is a download counter or timer which keeps track of downloads by IP address. To overcome this hurdle, some smart users use dynamic IP by disconnecting and reconnecting using another IP.

To get access to unlimited downloads and also large file uploads, users need to spend few dollars and get a Rapidshare premium account. With the premium service, users can upload files of sizes up to 100 MB. The premium account even supports download managers which enables pausing and resuming downloads according to once convenience. After uploading the file, a unique URL is being supplied to locate the file for future downloads. At the same time, users are provided with a delete link so as remove the file once the recipients have downloaded the file. Rapidshare constantly deletes files that haven’t been accessed for more than thirty days to free space on the servers.

Since June, 2002 on a limited basis, Rapidshare gives Premium accounts for free for very limited duration. After acquiring these accounts if someone builds 10,000 Premium points, it will extend the validity of their accounts to a month. A point is gained per download for files larger than 1 MB. Another condition is that the user shouldn’t have been awarded more than 5 points in the previous hour.

Upload time and Navigation

Upload speed is pretty good compared to other sites which allow file uploading and hosting. Average load time is 1.9 second. Nearly 3% of web users visit this site everyday which is huge traffic volume. Rapidshare doesn’t provide the users with file search capabilities, though one can use Google to search the Rapidshare file URL. Any type of files related to audio, video, pdfs, eBooks, magazines and even compressed files can be stores on Rapidshare.


Distribution of free Premium accounts makes the site more vulnerable to hackers. Often thousands of surfers register within few minutes of the announcement of the offer. But Rapidshare takes measure to protect the site from hackers from time to time. Not having searching capabilities of a search engine is one of the measures taken by Rapidshare to protect the privacy of files from stray users.


RapidShare AG

CEO Bobby Chang
Gewerbestrasse 6
CH-6330 Cham


Illegal files will be deleted as soon as we get notice about them. We will also put them on an internal black-list so they can't be uploaded again. Please write an e-mail with the exact links to the files to our abuse department at .

Please add the links to the files the following way: http://rapidshare.com/files/...


In case you still have questions, just write us an e-mail to in English or German. Please make sure you give a detailed and compact explaination of your problem.

About RapidShare

Additional Information

RapidShare.de and RapidShare.com are two different companies. Christian Schmid is working in the RapidShare AG.

Uploads are no longer possible at RapidShare.de because our hard drives are totally full. However, this will not effect the download services.

Regarding to RapidShare.com, we can inform you that is not a phishing site. Please read carefully on their website to get more information.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

Daniel Ollinger RapidShare Hosting

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