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RadioActive Radios

We are no CB Shop. CB shops have been ripping people off for years. Their so called techs are usually things like Ex-Used car salesman, (Not that Used Car Salesman are bad, but they are no techs!)

These "Golden Screwdrivers" would love to fix your new Big Radio right up!! They speak outright lies telling you of crazy wattages, "Oh your new radio is doing 90 watts come look at the meter; when actually its doing 20. Don't fall for these scams and lies. Don't toss your hard earned money out the window!

CB shops are many times like the snake oil saleman of the early 1900s!! I've seen what appear to be outright lies that have been made by these folks a million times. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good shops out there, but they're few and far between. Plus, the lying bums make it hard for people who don't lie to make the money we deserve. You'll know the difference the second you key up, and all over everyone. If you wanna be loud and proud call us! Our Wackpacked radios rock! These radios are audio monsters. When they ask how you did it, just tell them its a RadioActive-Radio!!

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PO Box 10774
Casa Grande, AZ US


Mr. RadioActive
+1 520 374 2626



==Additional Information== RadioActive Radios was founded over 20 years ago and set out right away to be the #1 radio shop in the world. RadioActive Radios is accredited for pioneering many custom modifications only done at RadioActive Radios. SuperWackPack, this is the #1 competition redesign in the radio world. Makes radios talk loud, clean, clear, and last forever it seems. Warrantied forever by RadioActive Radios. SuperRx, the best Receive in the industry. Superside down amplifed radios. Custom built, inhouse splash guards! DC Line Filters designed by RAR. Technical service done right. And much more.........

This shop is the only authorized online dealer for DaveMade amps and has been for over 10 years. Thousands of SuperWackPacked radios are driving the industries best amps.

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