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QWERT Quick Web Enabled Research Tool, Powered by Flixco.

We use a unique data collection technique to display an areas local information on the World Wide Web. This then forms a qwert community.

The site is designed to give you a "snap shot" of an areas Main Street or High Street (for the English) so that you are able to find information about a town before you visit the area. An example of this is that Ettalong Beach has a cinema, but Umina Beach does not. However, Umina Beach has a bicycle shop and Ettalong Beach does not. So when you look at the Ettalong Beach home page you will see Ettalong snap shot, click on Cinema for web site details etc and for Umina Beach Umina Beach snap shot. Again click on Bicycle store for their basic details. The Flixco system allows for the data collected to be displayed and searched in many, many different formats. A good example is this Example or this Example.

Once a towns data has been collected and displayed onto the site, local businesses are then allowed to expand on their basic details. Basic details Basic Listing to this Enhanced Listing. All this information can be found by going to google and putting in qwert. Also individual searches, like Bella Shoetique [1] or Ettalong Beach Newsagents [2]. Now these two shops have their own listings on google but do not have a domain name to worry about.

This page here gives you an overall picture of every business listed All Businesses Data and you will see that you can search it by Road, Business Type and by Qwert Community.

If you would like to create your own community contact me, Simon Younger. Go to the site, click on a photo, click on my name and send me an email.



At qwert.net we bring accurate and relevant information to the rest of the world. We believe that less is more. Over the last 12 years the internet has exploded in the amount of websites and pages that are produced everyday. The internet has changed our world forever and the amount of information produced can be out of date but still picked up by the search engines and shown with relevant pages when searched for. The only information which is live and true is the information produced by financial markets. When you look at closing prices of stocks in the paper or on the net it is information that is correct. So, for example, IBM did close at y and it's volume was x000,s. The next day any paper you look at or internet trading site you will get the same information. This is because the financial markets have so much money involved that relevant information is the only information that counts.


We collect information from an area and monitor it on a weekly and daily basis. So, if a business closes or moves we can change the information on our website and keep it up to date. Then we can build up relevant information around our base data. So, when we walk down a street and collect data, we know that Jones the Butcher, is shop number x on y street in w area. We know that area has a code a state and a country. We can link all these facts together produce a snapshot of that that area. Not only that we can display all the business on that street, area, state, zip/postcode, country, but also all those types of businesses on that street, area, zip/postcode etc.


Bay Gallery, Australia

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Ettalong Beach
NSW 2257, Australia


Simon Younger, Australia

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