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The Quotations Page is one of the oldest quotation sites on the Web, perhaps the oldest. It was first placed online sometime in 1994, as "Michael Moncur's Quotations Page." It has gone through many changes since then, including major redesigns in 1996, 2000, and 2004.

Major features added in the 2000 update include a better quotation search engine, a larger database of book reviews with their own search engine, and a forum for discussion of quotation-related topics. In July 2002, we added the Quotes by Subject section, and we continue to add new subjects. In December 2002 we added biographies for over 1000 of our quoted authors. In 2004 we simplified many of the pages to make navigation easier and added Your Quotations Page, where members can store their favorite quotations.

Michael Moncur

Hello! I'm michael moncur, a freelance writer, computer consultant, musician, and all-around Internet junkie. I've been on the Internet since the days when Gopher was the latest new thing and people still knew what "BBS" stood for. I have been developing web pages since 1993, both as a hobby and for various clients.

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