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Q uarktet was created to promote innovative and patented technologies that have been developed by Dr James Caron (Ph. D. Physics). GCLAD was developed initially at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials to inspect composite materials during production. SeDDaRA was partially developed at Research Support Instruments, where Dr. Caron remains as a full-time scientist. RSI has granted Quarktet the right to patent and license this technology.

Quarktet is currently operated during non-standard working hours. However, with some after-hours effort and making use of modern technologies, we hope our partners and customers will find Quarktet as responsive and professional as a full-time company.

The management team currently consists of Dr. Caron and Liz Dart Caron, who helped develop this website, and assists in design, management and financial operations. Tria Image Processing program was written by Dr. Caron. Additional personnel to assist in accounting, marketing, and legal operations will be added as needed.

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