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The Beginning

The project QCad started in October 1999 as a fragment of CAM Expert, which is a CAM System for engraving and LASER cutting. CAM Expert was capable of enough CAD functionality that a spinoff for an independent CAD system made sense.

QCad 1

QCad 1 was an overwhelming success. Within about two years it had an estimated user base of about 70'000, probably more. Its user interface was available in 20 languages and it received top ratings and awards on several occasions.

However, while QCad kept growing, it became clear that there would have to be a major redesign at one point to allow further extensions. That's why QCad 2 development started in May 2002. The main goal of this ambitious project was to make QCad more productive, more user friendly, more flexible and increase its compatibility with other products.

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