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QBasic New Zealand was born on the 9th of June 2003. This site is focused primarily on QBasic in all its forms. This site has tutorials, links, downloads, projects and a forum amongst other things to provide all your QBasic needs. This site is in no way finished, nor do I have enough source code, so if you have anything at all to add to this site, just email me with your program/information etc and I will contact you.

This site has been hand-coded entirely in pure HTML 4.01 (transitional compliance) and CSS2, except for pages with a .php extension, but they would all validate at the w3 as well. Because of this these pages should display correctly in all browsers, but I have not tested in every single one. The following browsers are known to display these pages correctly:

They even display reasonably well in Lynx, a text-only browser for Linux (though since only a few people can run QBasic in Linux that's a little pointless ;))

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