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Are customer focused - Providing you with genuine service and hospitality every time you travel with us - a service that is personalised and tailored to your needs.

Are committed to people - Employing dedicated staff, people who want to be part of a young and dynamic team, providing them with support and training to ensure their success, our success and your pleasure!

Are culturally aware - Epitomising the values and hospitality of our Qatar home, whilst understanding and caring for people from all cultures and backgrounds.

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True story about QatarAirways Please Visit Why this nightmare….

I wish to relate to you the ordeal with my Qatarairways flight from Paris, France to New Delhi, India in 2007. My business schedule was as such to arrive to India, travel up North very same day to attend a very important meeting.

Being a frequent business flyer throughout the years and using many of the various flight companies, I must admit that Qatarairways by far shows the least professionalism, responsibility, lack of customer care and indecent staff.

Following the mainstream, I decided to book my flight to India over the internet. Searching the many companies, I found the professional vibe of Qatarairways site appealing. Unknown to how easy it is even for a third grader to create and set-up a competent website, I became another of the many victims to fall into the clutches of this company.

After a stop-over in Doha, my connecting flight was due after 20 minutes.

Unsettled by this short period, I questioned a flight attendant about the convenience and accessibility of the airport in Doha. Baring a gracious smile, she told me to rest assured, that the Doha airport was in fact quite small and can be completed within 5 minutes.

I leaned back in the chair, and proceed to enjoy my so far unobstructed flight.

But my peace of mind was deprived of me when we landed in Doha. Suddenly I was informed that the transfer bus alone had a schedule of 20 minutes! After an increasing blood pressure ride, the bus pulled up to the departure lounge. Here one official informed me that I had indeed missed my ever-important flight connection. The only solution being to overnight in a nearby hotel.

If I had known this fatal occurrence would happen, I would have flown earlier or with another flight company. But Qatarairways had me convinced that I had plenty of time to board my connecting flight.

I proceeded to the main Qatarairways counter to book a hotel for the night before trying to overcome the serious consequences I now had to face with my business. After waiting in the long queue I approached the counter. To my surprise and hope, the person behind the counter representing Qatarairways informed me that my flight had not taken off yet, and that if I ran, I was sure to make it.

So here I was, in my suit and bags strapped over my shoulders, I ran along the terminal clinging desperately to the hope the staff gave me. But when I arrived at the exit for my flight, the staff of Qatarairways now informed me that the plan had departed a wile ago. And that there was no change I could leave Doha that day. So I returned to the main counter to receive my five-star hotel voucher. Upon arrival the hotel had shape shifted into a motel along with very limited meal coupons this was quite a surprise as I expected the famous Qatarairways Company to live up to its reputation.

The next morning I was finally due to depart Doha, but in the departure lounge, there was not board or indication of my flight to New Delhi. According to the information Qatarairways provided its customers, there was no flight to India.

After waiting a while for it to appear, I finally walked puzzled to an official staff to inquire the whereabouts of my counter and terminal. Being informed that of the whereabouts and time – I again found myself running along the corridors of Doha’s airport.

The Indian manager escorted me to check in my single bag as hand luggage as it contained many valuables and business documents. But due to its weight it got checked in as my main luggage along with my previous check-in bag from Paris. I asked for a bag tag in order to identify it. The staff very politely said this was not needed as my departure country was France, and I had already one checked-in luggage from this destination to New Delhi. Confused about the sense of this, but stressed that the plane would again depart without me, I complied.

Though, as if this wasn’t enough, there was further delay in boarding my flight as Qatarairways had issued my boarding card to another person! – thus overbooking the ticket.

Upon my long awaited arrival in New Delhi , I was shocked to discover that the bag I checked in at Doha, was lost!

I conformed to the normal procedure of filling out a lost-luggage form along with a group of other ill-fated passengers.

This forced me to cancel my business meeting and stay in the scorching heat of Delhi in the vain hope to get my bag back. I made countless phone calls to the offices of Qatarairways and made other expenses, such as travel and hotel in the await of luggage.

My business trip was ruined at the expense of the intolerance Qatarairways service, customer care and compensation.

The staff of Qatarairways treated me very rudely with inacceptable manners. They continued to hang up on my calls and gave me contradicting information

During my time in Delhi, Qatarairways confirmed that my bag had been found, and that I could come to the airport and reclaim it. However, 10minutes later another phone call determined that my bag had never been found, and that the previous call had been based of false accusations!

They emailed me a claim form to fill out – though ironically to such a flight company – the file was a picture file in jpeg format, not the standard pdf-format.

Thus goes my story of how Qatarairways treats their customers – in a non-professional, ludicrous and dalliance of time.

They went out of their way to give me problems and confusion by my it impossible for me to retrieve my bag and made it futile for me to get any compensation.

I am therefore turning to the public, in a plea for help - to help me stand up against global tyranny companies such as Qatarairways.

Thank you for reading my story and please pass it on.

If you fell to the same ludicrous fate by a major airline who thinks they can get away with mistreating and humiliating their costumers after they get their air fare and our bags checked in please tell me your story

Together we can prove international swindle companies wrong by voicing our experiences and demanding our rightful compensation for our material losses as well as the peace of mind lost in the time that was wasted dealing with them.

I have constructed a free email service on this site , a chatting service, and much more.

So inform your friends that soon they can have their free personal email .

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