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Matthew is 36 and lives in London. He briefly describes how he came up with the idea for pzizz and the process of implementation.

“I was first introduced to ‘Powernapping’ when I was a personal trainer and was reading about the training techniques of some of the top bodybuilders and athletes in the world. I was fascinated by the training of a man called Frank Zane (Mr. Olympia, 1977/78/79). He use to actually ‘nap’ right in the middle of his workouts. He found that his muscles recovered to such a degree during one of his ‘naps’ that he could train harder in a single workout than if he didn’t have a ‘nap’. In the following few years I worked in the world of NLP with a top trainer and learnt a great deal about the mind. Because of my background with personal training and the Royal Marines I soon realised that there was an intrinsic link between the body and the mind.

When I first came up with the concept for pzizz I was teaching myself to ‘nap’ effectively. It was much more than just ‘nodding off’ for a period of time. I learnt techniques of self hypnosis and deep relaxation which, after a great deal of studying and practice proved very useful and effective. I realized that to get the results that I was getting would take people quite a bit of time and effort which most of us don’t have in our busy lives. I wanted to give people the ability to have this wonderful effect without the effort, hence pzizz.

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