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Dedicated readers of Publius Pundit will have noticed that when I contribute to this blog, I attach a link at the bottom of the post to my blog, Window on the Arab World, and More! Up until today my blog was hosted by Blogger, a free blogging service which is wonderful for what you pay for it, but which otherwise has a variety of problems and limitations. I have today completed my design at my new Movable Type formatted blog, and will therefore be posting more regularly after two weeks of light blogging. That also means more posting here at Publius Pundit. If you wish to visit my new site, which includes posts I don’t post on Publius, this is the link:

A note about the difference between my blog and Publius: As its name suggests, my blog is focused on the Arab world and to a lesser extent the Greater Middle East, and is therefore much narrower than Publius in terms of geographic scope. At the same time, while Publius is focused on democracy movements and authoritarian governments, my blog deals with a much wider range of issues. Thus, I post only about a third of my posts to Publius. Although I do sometimes post outside the Middle East, there are other writers who contribute to this blog who focus on these areas, so I usually just post in my area of expertise, which is the Arab world. It is thus my hope that you will read both blogs.

Many of you have asked me (Okay, maybe not) where the donation button came from. It’s my way of subliminally asking for money to offset hosting costs and possibly buy some advertising. If you want to donate, I’ll be eternally grateful, and eternity is a pretty darn long time. I’ll be getting Blogads soon as well, at a very low price, so if you donate now you can still collect your ad time when they get set up.

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