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Thank you for visiting Pacific Software Publishing's web page. Since our establishment in 1987, we have come to understand our clients' real needs and to research and sell the systems we have developed for them.

Our business began from localizing English language software for the Japanese market. We acted as a reseller business that sold US software and hardware localized for the Japanese market. In 1993, we also started marketing Japanese language products in the US, starting with KanjiKit. In 1996 started developing an Internet server application (ASP) for our Web and E-mail Hosting services, and in 2000 we established our own Data Center. We have created our own email server software instead of using existing software in order for a low-cost and fully supported system. This system is licensed to multiple Japanese companies to service their clients. Some of our business partners include Otsuka Shokai, Hitachi, Kokuyo and Mitsubishi and we have grown to host over 20,000 domains by the beginning of 2006.

The company's 19-year history also represents our history with our partners. We continue to strive to create the best products and services and to keep a relationship where our business partners feel glad to have worked with us. In 2005 we combined our Data Centers in Seattle, Washington and in 2006 incorporated NTT's private fiber optic line for more stable access from Japan. We will continue to expand our business through our strong Internet service base.

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Pacific Software Publishing
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