is a property investment company in New Zealand

About Propellor Property Investments

Propellor Properties is a real estate service for individuals interested in buying a property investment. Propellor Properties finds real estate for sale and completes property investment strategies at no cost to private buyers. Whether you are interested in investing in a single property or building a portfolio, Propellor is here to help.

Why invest in property?

Property is an excellent choice for most investors. While it yields higher returns that fixed interest savings accounts, it is less risky that investing in stocks. Investment property in NZ is an especially good choice as the country currently has no capital gains tax and New Zealand has historically proven to be a stable investment environment.

Our Services

Propellor will assist you in every step of real estate investing, including:

  • Searching for houses for sale in New Zealand
  • Keep abreast of real estate trends and research to ensure the best investment for you
  • Identify planned developments that may affect your property’s value
  • Communicate with your property managers to ensure you are receiving an excellent level of service.


Just like to say that we too want a long term relationship and appreciate all the info and help you have given us so far. This concept is totally new to us yet you guys are very experienced to it so am relying on Propellor to help us reach our long term goal. Financially secure in our retirement years. This is a great start I think.G.N. Geraldine

…it has been made very clear to us how your company could help some people in our position or similar circumstances and we would not hesitate to recommend Propeller Properties to friends or relations who were thinking of investing in the property market.

Ian and Healther Cadwallader


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