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Our business started small. We made a prototype hoe to show to relatives for Christmas 1990. They encouraged us to continue, and our business has continued to grow each year. Although we now have a more spacious building in the very rural town of Munden Kansas, we can honestly say that at first our business base was a vacant chicken house on our farm.

Even at first, when our production was very limited, our customers kept informing us that we had a great product. We never would have believed people would actually write letters telling us how much they like our hoes. We listened to the customers, and soon we began to add more models for specific applications. We now offer 15 models to meet most needs. Our newest models are the short handled hoes for those who like to get close to their work.

Other things didn't change however. Each Rogue hoe is still hand crafted. The grinding, welding and sharpening are all done by hand, and quality is still our most distinguishing characteristic. We still make all of our hoes from recycled agricultural disc blades. Not just beause it is an environmentally friendly thing to do, but also because it is the best tempered steel for the job. In fact, we feel confident that our Rogue field hoes are the strongest hoes made in the USA.

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