is simple software that eliminates printer paper waste.

GreenPrint :: Saving Money Today, Trees Tomorrow

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GreenPrint is a simple piece of software which eliminates waste associated with printing (most notably that last page with just the URL, banner ad, or legal jargon) saving time, toner, and money while also saving trees, reducing greenhouse gasses, and decreasing waste. If all new computers sold in 2006 used GreenPrint, over 36 million trees would be saved, CO2 emissions would be reduced by over 117 million tons – the equivalent of removing 23 million cars from the road for a year!

The Problem

Documents that include unnecessary images, unusable pages with only a line or two of unneeded text, links, or advertisements, all end up being printed and then discarded. Those who haven't an easy way to extract irrelevant information, or choose just those pages that need to be printed, are faced with costly waste on a daily basis.

The Solution has the answer to this frustrating and costly problem. With GreenPrint, it is now easier than ever to print only what needs to be printed, automatically and efficiently. Imagine the time, money, and valuable resources this can save. The innovative benefits of using GreenPrint, a patent-pending software, lets customers extract unnecessary or unwanted images, text, or whole pages with “point, choose, and click” simplicity. Customers can print small or large jobs efficiently or create convenient PDF files effortlessly, directly from Green Print.

GreenPrint is a good product — a simple solution to an annoying and wasteful problem.Walt Mossberg


GreenPrint stops wasteful use of paper and ink and allows customers to be more productive and cost-effective while having a positive effect on the environment. The intuitive interface works effortlessly with all applications and printers. GreenPrint makes every print job more valuable and more eco-friendly. The Template:Color product includes fucntionality such as PDF Writer, Environmental Software, Print Management Software and more. provides excellent online video tutorials that introduce customers to the intuitive, feature rich simplicity of GreenPrint for Windows and Mac users:

PrintGreen Product
GreenPrint World Edition: A free, no cost solution for the home user featuring the ability to:
  • Highlight and remove unnecessary print
  • Easily remove images or text
  • Create PDF files with just one click
  • Track pages, and the money and greenhouse gases that have been saved
  • Works from within any application and with all printers
GreenPrint Home Premium Edition: An Ad-free solution for Home or commercial users, providing all the features of the World edition plus:
  • Fast performance
  • Quick-loading previews
  • Fast technical support by email
  • Frequent version updates
GreenPrint Enterprise Edition: The feature rich edition that also includes:
  • A Recycle printer function
  • Enterprise-wide reporting and print management functionality
  • Fast, friendly phone or email Tech support
* GreenPrint Mac: A free 30-day trial provides Mac people with the same great benefits Windows people enjoy.

See more at the PrintGreen Youtube_logo_small_01.jpeg: [}}} Youtube] channel.

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