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Primavera Systems, Inc. - Project and Portfolio Management


Primavera Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading project and portfolio management software company. We provide the software foundation that enables all types of businesses to achieve excellence in managing their portfolios, programs, projects and resources. It is estimated that projects totaling more than $5 trillion in value have been managed with Primavera products.

Primavera provides industry-specific solutions to more than 75,000 customers around the world. Companies turn to Primavera to help them make better portfolio investment decisions, improve governance, prioritize their project investments and resources, and deliver tangible results back to the business. Primavera professional services personnel are equipped to help our customers reduce implementation risk, time and cost, while maximizing the return on their software investment.

Only Primavera offers a complete selection of best-of-breed project and portfolio management solutions - each one specifically designed to meet the challenges of specific vertical industries.

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