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information regarding the true nature of the catholic church as a false religious system


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This site is yet another hate-filled work by Fred Phelps and his so-called "Church". It pretends to be a put-down on the "false religious system of the Catholic Church", but instead is a feeble-minded attack on the scandals of a small number of Catholic Priests who have already been condemned by the Holy Father. This site (and his others - it seems God hates just about everything EXCEPT the Westboro Baptist Sect) would be taken off under UK Law because they are hate-filled, an incitement to hate, and downright lies. Mr Phelps and his extended family might do better if they designed a web site listing the numerous cases of USA Evangelical preachers who have been found out committing adultery and then shed crocodile tears on TV, or even a web site showing that most sexual abuse is at the hands of married people. Every decent Catholic roundly condemns any priest who abuses children and abuses the trust placed in him (Phelps equates this with priestly celibacy, which just underpins his pig-ignorance), but Phelps and Drain (should that be Sewer?) have another agenda - they thrive on hatred because it is the only way their congregation of 70 can gain publicity. Little wonder that this junk only gets 800 USA visitors per month!

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