PriceSpy - Compare PC parts prices from New Zealand's online computer hardware and component retailers


should help you to find a reasonable deal if you want to buy some bits for your computer, a digital camera, laptop or phone in NZ.

The lowest price shown here for a part may not be the best price. There are online retailers that PriceSpy does not list. PriceSpy does not get all the pages/products from the retailers that are listed - the scanner grabs between twenty and one hundred pages per site. Many prices of products are fetched but not displayed either because the programs aren't smart enough to identify them or because the products aren't listed.

PriceSpy doesn't make any adjustments for discounts for cash or freight charges in the comparison. Credit card companies take a commission on all purchases made with credit cards. They also forbid retailers from charging more for credit card purchases. Some, maybe most, shops listed here advertise prices that already include a discount for cash, a term which includes eftpos and bank-transfers, and means that it will cost you more to use a credit card.

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Wanganui, New Zealand

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