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Priaton provides compounds, services and technologies for drug discovery. An innovative combination of a chemotechnological and a chemoinformatic platform enables a great acceleration of the lead finding and optimization process.

Priaton has excellent chemistry knowledge and capabilities especially in the field of multi-component reactions and is recognized as a world leader in isonitrile and multi-component reaction chemistry. Therefore Priaton has built a profound backbone for the creation of chemical libraries. Through the collection of several hundreds of different MCRs including classical organic chemistry Priaton has created the worldwide largest synthetically accessible chemical space (estimated 1020 distinct compounds) of small molecules which can be exploited for drug screening purposes. Priaton’s chemical concept gives access to a very large molecular diversity as well as depth in the chemical space.

In order to fully benefit from this large chemical space, in-silico methods as well as medicinal chemistry input is being used to select in a smart way molecules that will be synthesized as libraries.

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