Power Jacks Group market leading manufacturer of screw jacks, electric linear actuators, mechanical jacks, bevel gearboxes and mechanical jacks


The Power Jacks Group of companies is an engineering group focused on providing our customers with the best solution for precise linear actuation, power transmission, mechanical jacking, and engineering services.

Power Jacks has existed as a company since 1987 but it’s origins lie in a company with a long history of engineering craftsmanship and design dating back to 1903. We have been involved with Screw Jacks since the product was invented in the late 1930's and this gives us unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of both standard and special products that are developed specifically for our customers' needs.

Our manufactured product lines have expanded over recent years to include spiral bevel gearboxes, electro-mechanical linear actuators and roller screws enabling us to offer our customers complete linear motion and power transmission solutions.

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