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Established in 1991, PraDeshta Limited has been internationally recognized as the pioneer of commercial data communication service provider in Bangladesh and the key organization responsible for Introducing Electronic Mail Service (1993). It has over a decade of developing and providing advanced satellite, microwave Domestic and International Data Communication Services to large organizations including multinational companies, telecommunication service companies, internet service providers and retail clients.

Since 1999 as a technical partner we have been servicing multinational clients of Singapore telecomm in Bangladesh by providing VSAT Earth Stations on rental basis and maintaining the satellite link as part of the BTTB-Singtel joint venture services.

In 1993, PraDeshta represented Bangladesh IT industry at SOFTWORLD 1993, conducted the baseline survey of IT professionals under the project "Prospect of Joint Venture Software Exports" for MIDAS/USAID. In 1994-1006 PraDeshta was the consultant for VSAT services to Singapore Telecom.

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