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site dedicated to Victoria Beckham, no longer updated, check the new URL: http://victoria-beckham.biz


The Celebrity Exchange
Andover Minnesota
United States 55304

Additional Information

We have changed the URL from posh-madness.net into http://victoria-beckham.biz so I would like to ask you to update your bookmarks, please. I'm very sad to tell you that posh-madness.net contents have been stolen and what is more, the site is no longer updated. The old host uses files and all the contents which is an intelectual property of its creators to earn on advertisements. The webmaster can't manage the site any longer, because they have changed all the passwords. That's why the site contiunes with a brand new address http://victoria-beckham.biz. I suggest not to visit the old url anymore, as it's not going to be updated. Please forward this message to all Victoria's fans. Let's prevent such sick situations from happening again.

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