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Portico Composite Decking is a premium synthetic decking product that looks like wood and is non-toxic and durable. No Splitting, Warping, Cupping, Painting or Sealing.


Portico Decking

The Formula: Many composites are made from recycled plastics and a mixture of wood and rag fibers. Over time, lesser quality products can break down. Not Portico. Portico is made from a tested formula furniture quality maple wood flour encapsulated in strong 100% virgin High Density Polyethelyne.
The Ingredients: Maple wood flour is low in tannins. This premium ingredient means no stains, like those from oak fillers, and that means fewer call backs.
The Product: The best ingredients equal the best products. The result is a more natural looking, consistent, and higher quality product than other composites using recycled materials and lesser quality wood flour.

The Performance: Portico Decking products are designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. UV inhibitors and stabilizing additives minimize color variations. Portico Decking stays beautiful long after installation. We stand behind our product with a 20 year limited warranty.

The Finish: Portico’s reversible surfaces are molded with a micro-DOME technology. The rounded tops of a deck surface with micro-DOME are less likely to show scratches and surface marring due to everyday wear and tear. The texture of the surface also improves slip resistance. Portico’s deeply embossed surface improves wearability and ensures lasting beauty.
The Strength: No other composite brand is as easy to buy, store and install. Portico Decking boards are a dense, solid ¾” x 6” board making it easier to handle and faster to install. Decking lays and stays flat, with fewer fasteners per plank. The only call backs our deck builders get are referrals.

Portico Eclipse Decking Portico Eclipse Decking is the way to give the deck its best appearance. Eclipse offers a smooth, continuous surface that highlights the premium quality look of Portico’s boards.

Portico’s Eclipse reversible boards are tough, have substance when you stand on them, and have the look of a hardwood floor with no fasteners in sight.

Elipse offers all the advantages of traditional Portico boards. Smooth, splinter-free, cool underfoot and slip resistant. The innovative formula for Portico boards is a tough 100% virgin polymer with a furniture grade maple wood flour which provides consistant color throughout the board.

Portico Railing Sculpted top rails and elegant bottom rails bring a traditional look and balance to this low maintenance railing system. Easy to handle, assemble and install with standard woodworking tools.

Horizon Railing

Mission Style Horizon Railing

The traditional look of our Mission Railing is ideal for decks and porches where the convenience of a flat top is desired.

Provincial Style Horizon Railing

For a freshly painted wood look with an elegant style and shape, the provincial rail system is the perfect choice. Strong, durable, and stable the Provincial come from a time when craftsmanship was king.

Regency Style Horizon Railing

Identical top and bottom rails provide a uniform balance to this economical railing. Both rails are routed for quick and easy installation.


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