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Nordal Enterprises International Ltd. is a world-wide Distribution and Marketing Company that sells pool supplies and equipment, as well as other commodities throughout the world. This pool supply web site was created because my fellow friends and family were telling us they were tired of paying retail prices for pool supplies and equipment.

So, based upon this information, we built this site to offer the residential pool owner the ability to purchase pool and spa equipment and supplies on the internet, within the leisure of your office or home, and to offer prices just a fraction above wholesale cost. We know and understand that maintaining your pool is expensive due to preventive maintenance costs, equipment replacement or upgrade costs, and pool service fees. We believe pool and spa owners could enjoy their pool more often if they could save money on quality products, have those products delivered to the front door, and receive excellent customer service.

We believe in offering pool supply deals on the most popular pool supplies and equipment listed under our categories on our home page. We believe in providing excellent customer service and will do everything under our control to make your time on our web site a pleasurable, convenient and user-friendly experience. We want you to came back as a repeat customer and to tell your friends and family about our site.

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