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Pond Megastore LLC is a leading distributor of pond plants, aquatic plants, trapdoor pond snails and pond supplies. Working with ponds for over 19 years, Pond Megastore & Plant's nursery offers a large variety of plants in order to enhance the appearance of your water garden. They are America's Largest Aquatic Plant Nursery, supplying Pond Plants to all 50 states and also provide pond construction and water maintenance supply services. Their mission is to become the best source for helpful water gardening information and quality products.

Pond MegaStore Products and Services

They provide a beautiful array of plant collections, with each unique in color and style. Find a wide variety of plants and enjoy the on-line pond plant shopping experience at Pond Mega Store.

Aquatic Plants are basically divided in to four categories, which are:

'Water Lillies(Winter Hardy)'"InnerLight" "Clyde Ikins" "Perrys Double white"
Innercorrect.jpg Clyde.jpg Perrysdoublewhite.jpg
'Water Lillies(Annuals and Night Bloomers)'"Antares" "Panama Pacific" "Albert Green Berg"
Nightbloomer.jpg Nightbloomer2.jpg Nightbloomremain.jpg
'(Lotus Pond Plants)'"Mrs. Perry D Slocum (Lotus Pond Plants)" "Spring Bird" "Chawan Basu"
Lotus1.jpg Lotus2.jpg Lotus3.jpg

Submerged and Floaters
SubmergedAnacharisOxygenators.jpg HornwortOxygenators2.jpg
FloatersMosiac PlantsFloater1.jpg Aquatic JennyYellowfl.jpg Water HyacinthWaterhacynth.jpg

Bog/Marginal Pond Plants
(Tropical Bog Plants)---Obedient Flowers Blooms Spring to Frost Snow Flakes White King Humbert (Red)
Tropbogplants1.jpg Snowflakess.jpg Tropicalbog3.jpg
(Hardy Bog Plants)---Aquatic Lobelia Bog ButterFly Flowers Thalia Delbata
Bitpicnewest1.jpg Bogbutterflyneww.jpg Newhardybog.jpg
(Hardy and Aquatic Irises)


Clyde Redmond Black Gamecock
Irisespurpwhite1.jpg Purpleirisenew.png Blackbameopict.png
(Reeds and Rushes)---Dwarf Cattail Horse Tail Rush Blue Rush
Dwarfcatail.jpg Horsetailrush.jpg Bluerush.jpg

Are Aquatic Plants for Decorative Purpose Only?

Aquatic plants combined with fish and other pond creatures, are able to maintain a pond's ecosystem. Plants are essential for ponds as they not only decrease algae, but also ensure the water is fresh and able to sustain the species living within. Aquatic plants maintain the appropriate PH levels to support a vibrant ecosystem.

Water Garden Critters

Pond Snails, Tadpoles and Fish


Japanese Trapdoor Snailshelp in eliminating algae from the pond Japanese KOI is the most popular amongst the pond fish, Other Pond critters and frogs help in eating mosquitoes. Fish care Products such as Fish Medicines are also available at the store

Pond Supplies and Products

Once the water garden is planned , they provide the best Pond Construction and Water Maintenance and cleaning products such as accessories, algaecide, bacterial clarifiers, mosquito control, water test equipment, water treatments.

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