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Online community for poets featuring a forum for posting and discussion poetry. Also publishes poetry books of members. Online since 1998.

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Here is a place where poets from around the world come to share their thoughts, fears, loves, hates and humor. Sometimes we drape them in colorful metaphor, sometimes we paint them black and occasionally we slam them home with the power of minimalism and pure simplicity.

Here is where we present intricate word pictures of changing seasons, from spinning flurries of snow falling through the halo of a street light to the fiery heat of the summer sun beating down upon youth. We offer our insights into the pinnacles of man's achievements and visit the depths of the darkest corners of his psyche.

For many of us.. here is home.

Please feel free to be our guest, kick off your shoes, tell your tale.. and stay awhile. Maybe someday you will consider this your home away from home as well.

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