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PMP Pals Network - Resources, Referrals and Support for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and Appendix Cancer Patients and their Families


The PMP Pals' Network is a worldwide resource,referral and support service for patients and their families affected by Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, Peritoneal Carcinomatosis and Appendix Cancers in general.

PMP Pals serves patients and their family caregivers in 44 countries and in 12 languages. We assist patients in locating and consulting with physicians who specialize in the treatment(s) of our disease.

Our "Pal Mentors" guide patients in preparing and recuperating from surgery and/or chemotherapy.

We provide more than two dozen specialized resource programs based on each patient's specific needs, i.e. "Ostomy Pals", "Young Families with PMP", "Senior Pals". "Chemotherapy Pals"," Disease Free Pals" etc.

Our website at provides an extensive array of information for both the newly diagnosed patient, as well as "veteran" patients.

Use of our website, which is updated daily with new information, is free and available to all.

Subscribing members or "Pals" receive our seasonal printed Newsletters, monthly email bulletins, our series of "how to" PMP Pals' Handbooks, free selections from our Pals' library of books and booklets, participation in our Pal Resource Programs, and participation in our annual international Conference.

Additionally, we assist patients with resources for health insurance, government and disability benefits, transportation to and from medical care, issues related to employment and assistance in returning to a productive life following medical treatment.


Visit us on the web at

Contact us via email at

Write to us via postal mail: PMP Pals P.O. Box 6484 Salinas, CA 93912 USA

Telephone us 7 days a week via our Pals' Phone Line (members only)

Additional Information

Visitors to our website at are encouraged to browse our extensive selection of helpful information. is updated daily!

Participate in all of our program services by becoming a "Pal!"

Do not despair if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this disease!

There IS HOPE for YOU!

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