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Welcome to (also known as battlefield to it's players) is a java based free online multiplayer 2d Tank game created by, but was taken of by the developers. Now it has been resurrected again by popular demand. Battlefield is  often Confused with the popular video game series also under the name Battlefield, Play Battlefield is an entirely different game. In The old playbattlefield  you had a choice of selecting one of 8 maps, then selected one of four colors to enter. In TankPit you only have 1 map so far, and it gets rotated randomly so players can enjoy their favorite map. Upon entering, you  attack enemy colored tanks or if you are on a team join up in often massive raids. The game has a low amount of new players but a high amount of old players. The game also have a ranking system, you start of as a recruit and work your way up. The ranking board. The highest rank you can obtain in the game is general. Promotion to higher ranks requires war experience you obtain through out fighting with other tanks. Also promotion to all ranks above sergeant also requires deactivating a tank one rank below your current rank or higher, with the exception of general, which requires deactivating another colonel or general. There are various equipments you obtain to help you on the field. Weekly tournaments are also available, which shows your dominance among other players. Upon winning the tournament, the top three places receive a gold, silver, or a bronze cup, depending on your place. Apart from all this there is a leader board system in the map. The most experienced tank will be the highest ranked player. There are five leader boards, one leader board for each color and one combined leader board for the community ranking. This game consists of tactics and speed. To learn more tactics you can always watch the old school players on the field taking raids or raiding others. To learn more join us on for an adventure you will never forget.

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Playbattlefield is the best multi-player tank combat game around. Deactivate enemies, lead your team to glorious victory through rocks, swamps, and deserts. Become the number one general and win recognition, awards, and respect in a game where without bravery and perseverance no man has ever survived!




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