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License-free air rifles and pistols as well as spring-powered carbon dioxide and compressed air as well as accessories and ammunition. Soft airgun rifles and pistols and paintball markers and accessories.

Play4fun have bows and accessories as well as compound bows recurvebågar intended both for beginners and more advanced archer.

We have blowpipe and accessories that are perfect for five-fight.

Radio-controlled models is a hobby that suits both young and old alike. Play4fun for radio controlled cars, airplanes, boats and helicopters. Play4fun has primarily focused on ready-made solutions that are only running.

Miniracing both finished as sections with rides, cars and spare parts, we have both analog and digital car racing sets 2-8 tracks.

Play4fun also for knives, compasses, boiler and flashlights and gear for recreational activities.

Billiards and darts for both homes and public places are also part of play4funs range.

Wristwatch under tough conditions and harsh environments. Croquet, boules, badminton and bowler of the summer outdoor activities.

Laser Engraving Ideal for promotion, gifts and design. With computer controlled laser engraving, we can provide most products with unique images and texts. Sign your paintball marker, air guns or knives, engraved corporate logos on the gifts and give products the exclusive edge.

The possibilities of our engraving is many. The laser has a cutting capacity in wood and plastic, which makes it excellent for cutting such as logos in plexiglass.

Contact us for pricing. An engraving need not be expensive and if you order several engravings are usually cheaper.

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