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Wow. I'm supposed to write something witty or something to tell you all about myself, I guess. My name is Tom. I'm in my early thirties. I'm gay. I am passionate about the internet and care a lot about social software, the coming trends towards mass amateurisation and democratisation, media distribution and network-enabled appliances. I currently work for a small US start-up called Yahoo, promoting social media and social software and trying to come up with innovative new applications and products. Before that, I ran a small R&D team at BBC Radio & Music Interactive, working to make BBC media navigable, addressableand explorable, and finding new models for engagement and annotation.

Before that, I worked with developing the geo-coded online community called UpMyStreet Conversations. It's changed dramatically since we launched it originally, but you can read about its launch and see the PowerPoint presentation here: UpMyStreet Conversations - Mapping Cyber to Space.

I've also worked as Production Editor of, developed online communities with the crew behind b3ta while working at emap, contributed film reviews to the BBC's films site and written for The Guardian. All kinds of stuff. Back in the mists of time I failed to complete a doctorate, which I think as more useful and important to me than I tend to let on. If you want to get in touch with me, you can e-mail tom@ the name of this website.

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