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Pallvändare! Swedish pile turner manufacture. The pileturners are used for turning, airing, aerating and jogging the piles and stacks of paper, board, corrugated, plastics and other material. Manual, semi automatic, automatic and inline ( with conveyors ) models with or without air and vibration. Worldwide supplier of pile turners and aerator / joggers to the printing, bookbinding, packaging, converting, paper and material handling industry.

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Company Profile

Swedish ALBO SYSTEM is the innovation leader in the manufacture of robust, high quality and easy to operate pileturners. Our pile turners are sold to customers within the printing, bookbinding, packaging, paper and converting industries world-wide.

We pinpoint customer needs, and design our pile turners to precisely meet customer requirements. This customer-focused knowledge is the reason why Albo System is the world’s leading specialist in pile turners! The Albo System pile turners meet all applicable safety standards and bear the CEmark. They are designed in accordance with the standards of the GSmark.

By using the Albo System Pile Turner time spent sheet handling can be cut by up to 95%.

Manual, Semiautomatic, Fully Automatic and In-line (with conveyor systems) pile turners available.

Vibration will help you align the sheets so that your stack becomes perfectly straight.

The aeration has many applications for example Separate sheets in the stack. Help you pull out bad sheets from the middle of the stack. Dry the ink faster. Remove dust, dustpoweder and residues. Change temperature of the pile.

Our pile turners follow the standard sheet sizes for the printing presses. We also offer machines for large / wide formats corresponding to formats like KBA Rapida 205 and Man Roland format 8, 900, XXL presses. Customized solutions with unique design for individual needs are also available. The largest format we so far have been working with is 1,6x3,3 meters!

All paper, board or corrugated material can be handled in the Albo System Pile Turner. We have exceptional expertise and special solutions for very difficult (light) paper.

In some countries we are still looking for new suppliers. Contact us for more information about the nearest distributor or if you you want to become a supplier of our equipment!

Pile Turning / Pileturning / Load Turning / Loadturning Applications

When is there a need for pileturning or load turning? -The answer is relatively simple. Millions of piles or loads are turned every day due to the fact that the goods need to be delivered on the other side or for the reason that the pallet which the load is placed on not is good enough. In the food industry for example it is due to some hygiene regulations no longer possible to transport the goods on wooden pallets such as EUR pallets or similar. Instead the wood pallets need to be replaced by hygiene pallets such as plastic or aluminium pallets.


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Albo System attends all major and important exhibitions around the world.

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Albo System is sold to customers world wide. In many countries we have a local distributor but where we do not - we sell directly to the customer.

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