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This site is a mega database of thousands of downloads and information .

We designed this site in hopes that, it will aid in your pursuit of either building a site or just educating yourself on computer languages, for fun.
We have a section for downloads(subscribed), Support forums, tools, generators, SEO (search engine optimization),tutorials,hacks,snippets,samples,e-learning, services and much more.
If you are lazy and want only to get to the point of the matter then, this site might not be for you.
Unfortunately, there are no quick answers or quick fixes.
There is a lot of reading and searching involved, which in turn, will educate you on other issues for future knowledge and use.

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Additional Information

Unfortunately i have quit the site at 18 jan 2008. Reason for that is that phpnuke is slowly dying and i dont feel motivated anymore to keep the site up. Communities like phpnuke are a bit ungratefull and dont value quality.

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