PhotoTag is a small photography project and an ad hoc community formed through through the chance wanderings of transient disposable cameras. Periodically, a series of disposable cameras are labeled and released into the wild with instructions for unwary PhotoTaggers to take one picture and pass the camera on. Postage and a return address are included on the camera so that it may simply be dropped into the mail to get back home when all the film is used up.

Folks that stumble upon one of the cameras can come to the phototag website to tell us about their phototag experiences and their photos or simply monitor the progress of their cameras or other PhotoTag cameras. And once the cameras return--if they return--we'll post the images here.

PhotoTag is something of a photographic exquisite corpse, but is most closely related to Kevin Fox's Cameo project and Ron Hornbaker's Book Crossing. There seem to be a number of similar projects out there in the real world too. My cousin's daughter, who's a bit of a shutterbug herself, recently told me about a project she's doing where a stuffed animal is passed along with a small notebook attached. Folks that come across the doll make an entry in the notebook and send it on its way. I've also heard from a visitor to this site about a stuffed animal and disposble camera combination:

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