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PhoneHog - Domestic and International Calling Cards Today

Over the years, PhoneHog has grown to become a staple in the "rewards without a catch" business. They currently have well over 5 million members and have given out over 100 million free long distance minutes.

How it Works

To get your own free virtual phone card, all you have to do is join the site at Once you receive minutes, they may be used to call any country in the world from any phone. In order to earn minutes after joining, you complete offers, all of which can be found on your 'Personal Page.' Each offer has a small description which explains what you have to do to get minutes and how many you will get. For example, below a small banner ad, it might say "Get 5 minutes just for entering your email." So, you'd click on the link, enter your email on the advertiser's page, and be rewarded five free long distance minutes by PhoneHog. Other than just completing offers, you may also shop in the 'PhoneHog Mall' to earn minutes. This mall is easily accessible from the website's navigation bar and offers a host of different stores to shop at. Near each one is a small block of text explaining how many minutes per dollar spent will be earned for purchases at the store. For example, if I make a purchase from KB Toys, a store that says "Get 1 minute per $2 spent", for $10, I will be rewarded five free long distance minutes. Some more stores included in the mall are Target, JC Penney, Barnes and Noble, Gap, Babies 'R Us, K Mart, Toys 'R Us, and many more.

Company History is just one the many websites owned by Gulfstream Internet Inc. Gulfstream Internet was founded in September of 1999 by Philip Nadel and Bill Diamond. Their goal in launching their first website was "to provide advertisers with unique internet direct marketing and advertising solutions while providing (their) members with a fun way to earn valuable rewards for participating in (their) programs." In short, they wanted to pave the way in giving out rewards for free, without a catch.


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The address is: 945 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487

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