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Phoenix Services is involved with the building of effective marketing teams representing top UK networking companies. As such we offer step-by-step guidance and systems for effective campaigns including the recommendation of relevant third-party services.



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Real UK Network Marketing - At Last!

Phoenix Services [1] is involved with the building of effective marketing teams representing top UK networking companies. As such we offer step-by-step guidance and systems for effective campaigns including the recommendation of relevant third-party services.

Hi, and thanks for taking the time out to read a little about me and my business. As you already know by now, I am Andrew E. Barnes, or Andy to friends. I am 40 years of age, single & quite a gregarious soul although I must admit, I do have my 'grumpy old man' moments. I am an inactive Buddhist and an avid reader of history. But enough about me. I am here to talk about business. I make no bones about it & will not pretend to be here for social reasons. I prefer to use this excellent service to discover and share business resources and I believe in maintaining a focus with my time online.

I am a Network Marketer. Let's get that clear before I continue. If you have a problem with this business model, then I really don't have the time to educate you out of your trench, and frankly, I don't need to. MLM companies (good ones) do work and if approached correctly, can provide a good income stream. If you are already aware of the potential of Network Marketing and need some help in finding the right company and methods, then connecting here could be a good move.

The Phoenix Services home site [2] is the site to visit if you want to learn more of how I came to find this successful approach to retail-based network marketing and to find out more on the companies featured and the PhoenixUK team that you can easily become part of.

I can be contacted by clicking here [3]

The companies I am very proud to work with are -

Avon - [4] Kleeneze - [5] Oriflame - [6] Likisma - [7] Tiscali - [8] ei42 - [9] Healthwize - [10]

This may seem an excessive list to be able to approach each with enough commitment but as you will soon discover by working with me and the PhoenixUK team and any of the companies, our approach is a well integrated strategy that actually uses the leverage created by one company to take the next forward. Essentially, if a customer is happy to buy the products of one from you, then it is very likely that they would also look at other lines you introduce. Think of it as a department store on their doorstep. Equally on the recruitment side, as someone signs up with one company in the PhoenixUK portfolio, they will soon realize how easy it would be to approach their new retail customers with another product line.

My main reason for settling on these companies, aside from the excellent reputation they maintain and the generous compensation plans, is the attractiveness of their services to the end-consumer. This is of vital importance in selecting an MLM company and I am happy promoting them both on & off-line.

If you are not looking for a business opportunity, you may still be interested in the retail opportunities offered and I would still invite you take a look at the sites for each of the companies product lines (with the exception of Avon which requires that you purchase via your local representative to gain access to the latest offers and new products [The Avon online shop always offers the previous catalogue, allowing representatives to reach their customers first]. Do send a me a message if you are not currently receiving a catalogue for Avon and I will have your nearest representative come and pay you a visit).

you can explore the great lines available at:-

Kleeneze [11] offer a wide range of cleaning products and other useful items for the home. With lots of products that are made exclusively for Kleeneze, you will find many innovative choices for most situations ion the home, garden and car. Add a growing range of personal care products and regular special offers, you are sure to find something and with prices everyone can afford, you'll love treating yourself with Kleeneze.

Oriflame [12] brings you the very best in cosmetics and personal care products from Sweden but delivered from here in the UK. Affordable yet luxurious, the Oriflame range are all made with pure, natural ingredients and are kind to your skin. A great alternative to Avon if you wanted to try something a little different or send someone a special gift.

Likisma [13] started out as a hobby-business but soon grew from the UK outwards to become a global player thanks to the quality of their range of therapeutic grade essential oils and personal care products created with these oils. If you are looking for a product range that are both a pleasure to use and also do you good then a look through their wide range will certainly reward.

Tiscali [14] offer telephone, broadband and digital TV for a very affordable £15.99 per month. Their services all come down your existing phone-line and it was the fact that the area I live in doesn't have cable that first attracted me. They also offer a number of other combinations of service and extra add-on packages as you would expect from a leader in the field.

ei42 [15] is an excellent service offering all users a shopping portal of over 1,500 UK high street retailers where everyone can earn cashback rewards for their everyday shopping and that of their friends.

The Healthwize [16] site simplifies the purchase of the best quality vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. Whilst plenty of information on each product is available with a click or two, if you know what you need for your own nutritional regime & are looking for a no-nonsense approach to providing fully certified products of highest effectiveness at lower than high street prices, then Healthwize is you perfect choice. Purchases are made through a standard shopping-cart system with no auto-ship, membership requirements or cojoling to join a business you may not want (unless of course you want to! an invite will accompany your invoice, but that's it). simply select & buy.

If you are interested in learning more of how I came to work with these companies, I will continue....

After 5 years of trial and error in building my own internet business, I have discovered many things. The two most important lessons learnt have been; 1.It is essential to focus. 2.You don't need every, or even most, tool, program & service to market your business.

I am not ashamed to admit that I went a long while getting nowhere. No matter how many great programs, opportunities and marketing tools I collected, tried and signed up to, I just couldn't get any of them off the ground. Well, it took a while, but in the end, I discovered the main reason for this. I was simply spreading myself to thin.


It was precisely because I was collecting all these different 'income-streams' and marketing tools that I was unable to get any one of them to take off. Picture, if you will, the scene. I find a great new opportunity that I want to promote to everyone. I am so excited and geared up. I decide that the quickest way of having my new webpage seen is through traffic exchanges so I join one. Within minutes, I come across a good site offering a traffic downline builder. That's a good idea. I have already realized that spending all my time surfing to build up credits won't leave much time for anything else, so I join to start earning referral credits. Now I have a traffic downline builder, I need to promote this as well as my main page on the exchange. There is no point in having a downline builder just for one exchange, so I next join all of the other exchanges listed in the builder, confirm the emails, set them all up, etc. Now, I need to surf on each of them in order to keep my accounts from being closed. A lot of them have their own downline builders so these need filling in as well, leading me to yet more exchanges. A lot of the builders also have safelists, rotators, autoresponders..... There's a thing. I need to look at my email marketing now..... Hey. They are also promoting another 'main' opportunity. It would be a shame if MY referral joined this & I wasn't in line for the commission.

YUP. You got it. Before I've got anywhere promoting my original business that I was so fired up about, I was doing nothing but promoting the promotional tools & even thinking of taking on a completely different main business.

My guess is that most of us have all done this in the early days, even you. FOCUS

Having reached this conclusion, I then quickly reached my second lesson. This one was such a relief, it really set me free to get on and move forward with confidence.


Having finally sorted out which tools I really did need, and un-subscribing/deleting everything else, I realized that in the end, I hardly ever actually used them at all. My results weren't getting any worse for not using them and because my time was now spent using the ones that did work, my ROI was actually going up. It was like the fog had lifted and I could at last see clearly again.

So there you have it. That's the summarized story behind my path in Network Marketing.

you can now skip this long learning curve by selecting one or more of these excellent companies now and join the PhoenixUK team to jump straight in to a rewarding new business. I invite you to browse the company pages above to help you towards your choice.

It is also my very great pleasure to share with you a selection of useful tools, resources and websites that make the business promotion side of running any network marketing business (all are welcome). I have put all of these together in the Phoenix Directory [17]

If you would like to network with others in our industry in a more specific, targeted area where all are interested in sharing our strategies and tips, then a visit to, the UK Network Marketing forum is worth a visit - [18]

And finally, for UK targeted classified ads, why not start placing some for free at the largest network of classified sites via Phoenix.AdPost[19]

Don't forget. Access to all this and a lot more is to be found at the main Phoenix Services site [20]

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