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We are a referral service that deals with hundreds of pharmacies in the USA, Canada and around the world. We do not sell prescription drugs directly, but can direct you to a pharmacy that can fulfill your prescription needs, usually at a greatly reduced cost; some customers buy their prescription drugs at 80%-90% discount. In addition, when you use our service you will receive a free doctor's consultation and prescription for your medication. We will provide you with free access to FDA certified and licensed doctors who give you a medical consultation and can issue you a legal prescription over the phone. Some pharmacies have doctors on staff who will provide you with a free medical consultation over the phone or internet and will issue you a valid prescription in minutes. Thousands of customers, worldwide are purchasing their medications from our international and US based pharmacies daily. All of our sevices are offered through Best Online Foreign Pharmacies When you join our service you will be directed to the Best Online Pharmacy website to sign up.
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