Helping the Pharmacy Technician enhance accuracy with drugs.


Pharmacy Technician's Letter: Helping the Pharmacy Technician enhance accuracy, save time, and build the pharmacy's good reputation


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Pharmacy Technician's Letter provides reliable recommendations and practical help for pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy Technician's Letter is a sister publication of Pharmacist's Letter. Pharmacist's Letter began in 1985 and currently serves most pharmacists in the United States and Canada. This service provides its recommendations to pharmacists in the form of a monthly letter sent via the postal service or electronically via the internet, and also on PDA. The Letter itself is just one portion of the service. The full Pharmacist's Letter service provides several additional benefits. For example, each topic covered in any of the monthly Letters has an associated Detail-Document. Detail-Documents frequently provide patient handouts, or comparison charts, and other tools to help practicing pharmacists.
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