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PGNx Media, informally referred to as PGNx, is a multiplatform videogame website. PGNx Media's daily coverage includes reviews, previews, news, editorials, interviews, and book reviews. PGNx Media will begin its sixth year of operations on January 20th 2007, making it one of the oldest active videogame websites.


PGNx Media was founded in January 2002 in Perth Amboy, NJ by Jose Liz-Moncion as PGNx (short for Pro Games Network) as a host for other gaming websites. The website was renamed PGNx Network and ultimately renamed PGNx Media when plans to become a host were scrapped. The letters "PGNx" no longer stand for anything. PGNx Media moved its main office to Philadelphia in September 2005.


PGNx Media originally covered the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. As its popularity increased, the website expanded its coverage to include the PC and Game Boy Advance. Since that time, the website has covered new videogame platforms as they have been released. There are currently designated all new generation consoles and portables: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, and N-Gage. PGNx Media was noted for its early coverage of the PlayStation 3 and Wii. For example, the website had reviews for Call of Duty 3 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for both PlayStation 3 and Wii before the hardware shipped to retail.

PGNx Media's established relationship with videogame publishers enables it to cover games soon after they are released. Its review archive is currently at 1,223 reviews, making it the 23rd largest archive on Gamerankings among active websites, 25th largest archive among all websites, and 35th largest among all websites and print publications [1]. Although reviews for most games are up within a few days of the game's release, the website takes extra care to review high-profile games as soon as possible. The website had reviews for games such as Doom 3, before reviews could be found on larger websites such as GameSpot and IGN [2]. PGNx Media had a long-running sponsorship deal with Alienware. There were numerous Alienware advertisements throughout the website, and reviewed PC games were noted to be running on Alienware technology [3]. This designation no longer appears on current PC game reviews [4].

PGNx Media's in-house staff currently includes four editors. Jose Liz-Moncion (Editor-in-Chief and Founder) and Adam Nunez (Senior Editor) contribute out of the Philadelphia office. Michael Taylor and Jake Wilson (Reviews Editors) contribute out of the Perth Amboy office. Eric Orgeron serves as Forum Administrator.


Jose Liz-Moncion
Perth Amboy New Jersey
United States 08861
(732) 293-0000


PGNx Media's success has been recognized by other websites. PGNx Media is well known for its syndicated reviews as independent publishers redistribute PGNx Media's content on their websites. PGNx Media's primary content distributors are IGN's Rotten Tomatoes and CNet's Metacritic. Both websites have strict requirements for inclusion (see External Links), which PGNx Media has demonstrated. Further, PGNx Media's scores can be found on respected websites such as CNet's GameRankings, IGN's GameStats, and Ziff Davis' The websites that redistribute PGNx Media's are owned and operated by IGN, CNet, and Ziff Davis, which have no relation to PGNx Media. These websites, and others, include PGNx Media's score in their composite review score for all games that PGNx Media reviews. Like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, they are highly regarded for selecting high quality websites.


PGNx Media has faced criticism for high review scores. The criticism intensified recently when the website awarded Superman_Returns:_The_Videogame, which has a 57% average on Gamerankings, a 91% score [5]. This polarity is atypical, as the website's average score is only 8.7% higher than the critical average [6].

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